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Got up early this morning to go out on the boat.
cut for length

my wife had a baby shower to attend at 3, and had to leave the house at about 2 in order to get there on time.. so we didn't have much time.

But my major goal was just to test if I broke the outdrive.

you see, I learned AFTER last time going out, that you arent supposed to operate outdrive with it all the up. That makes sense after reading it, but during I didnt even think of it.

apparantly you can do major damage to the components while it's up that high.

So, I replaced the prop at about 8am, tested everything out and then we hit the road a little before 10.

Hit the gas station to fill 'er up, and then off to UPPER moodus reservoir. last time we went out on LOWER. - Which are technically the same body of water, but seperated by a big causeway, and it's only a tiny tiny bridge that goes between the 2.. probably couldn't even go through with a kayak.

We've been to this launch to fish before we even had the boat, and I knew it to be pretty nice. A bit small, but with a concrete dock. Alot of the other launches don't have docks (like the lower one)

MY GOD, a dock makes launching so easy. backed the boat in (After a few trys, like I sad, it's a bit tight) and gave amy a rope from the bow. I then unhooked all the winch and safety chain and pushed it off the trailer. amy then tied it up to the dock and I pulled the trailer out and parked.

HOW EASY WAS THAT!??! holy crap. I feel like a professional boat launcher here.

D.E.P guys were in a truck with a little boat on the trailer, so I knew they'd be out on the lake probably doing some enforcement. I made sure to make friends with them and let them know that I'm relatively new to boating (hoping that if I made a mistake they would cut some slack) they were pretty nice.

So, got the dog out of the truck and put his life jacket on. The DEP guys thought that was great, a life jacket on a dog. Bonus points!

loaded up our life jackets, a few sodas we bought, and the fishing gear, and then attempted to get the dog onto the boat. he wasn't budging from the dock (he's never been on the boat - one time on our honeymoon we rented a party-barge style pontoon boat and he went on that, but that was more of a floating dock then a boat).

thankfully the life jacket has a handle on it (which is most of the reason for having it.. if he were to fall in I could just pick him up and load him back into the boat)

So, I start the bilge blower to let it run a bit before starting. whats cool about having a dock is there is no rush to "get out of the way" for the next guy, cuz there is plenty of room. The DEP guys even launched from the same side of the dock while I was running the blower and still tied up to the dock. I then turn the key to start 'er up.

vrrom vrrom. nothing.


so then I turn the key again, and REALLY nothing. I thought maybe the battery was dead. So I fiddle with the wires a bit, and I've got something loose under the dash, cuz after doing that, I tried and she fired right up with a roaring acknowledgement. (i wish I could spell sound effects)

so I push the outdrive down a tad, so there are no repeats of my last big mistake. and amy unties. some how, we ended up almost hitting the DEP guys due to how amy pushed us off the dock, and I made alot more wake then I should have that close to the launch. Thankfully I had done what I had done prior to make friends with them, and they didn't say anything about it.

Off we went. All works well! yay, what a relief. we proceeded slowly to explore the lake, which I know to be pretty shallow (max depth like 6 feet) once I found a track I could go on that wasnt running me aground, I "stepped on" the gas. my god that engine RIPS. I can't imagine what a bigger engine would be like (the engine I have is one of the smallest inboard motors available, only a 3 liter 4 cylinder - many boats have 4.3 V6 or even the big 350 V8s - I've seen a few with DUAL 454 V8s. holy gas consumption batman.)

I didn't invite anyone out with us this time, cuz I was unsure if the outdrive was even gonna work - and if it didn't, I was probably going to have an emotional momemt as I feel my wallet lighten significantly. empty.

so, cruised around a bit, checked out the lake, did a few high speed laps around the island. Amy found a nice comfortable place for her up in the bow. The dog wasn't so sure about what was going on, but he eventually stopped shaking from nervousness and began to enjoy the ride.

So, at about noon we decided to head in, leaving plenty of time for retrieving the boat incase anything went wrong.

docked up, went and got the trailer (which is much harder to back without the boat on it, cuz you can't see it) dumped it in the water.. then literally I just waded in, grabbed the bowline, untied and pulled it on the trailer. attached all the hardware and I was DONE.

Before we pulled the boat out one guy that was out with his little (like, 4 or 5) son and another guy that had just pulled out with a small fishing boat started talking. we must have BS-ed about boats for about 40 minutes while the boat was just sitting in the water on the trailer. we'd probably still be there talking but someone else came to launch and I had to get the heck out of the way, ha. - That was cool - that, honestly, is the biggest reason I wanted to get the boat. talking to and meeting new people.

So, then we came home. no problems. nothing broken or damaged. WOOHOO.

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