jimheem (jimheem) wrote in ct_boating,

Got my prop...

So I picked up my new prop today. That SHOULD make the last thing that this boat needs before it gets into the water (first time for me with this boat).

Since I've bought it I had to fix the tilt, and rewire a few things like the blower and the bilge pump.

Lucky me, my neighboor across the street is a marine mechanic - so he hooked me up with a good deal on the tilt pump and he did most of the work for me.

I was thinking about dropping it in the water on Saturday, maybe on the Moodus resevoir (I'm choosing there because it's not very busy, and for my first time out with this boat I don't want to get into any really stressful situations)

Weather reports are talking about thunderstorms though. I don't need that, that's for sure.

Here's some pics..

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